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United for positive change

Celebrate National Unity Week by hosting or attending an inter-faith or intercultural event in your community. Meet people of other cultures and faiths, learn from one another and recognise that unity builds a better future than division ever could.

The beauty of Australia is in its diversity. We’re millions of people with different culture, faith, experiences and ideas but we have at least one thing in common – we share our future. We can ensure that future is one where all people are equally able to belong, contribute and thrive if it is founded on mutual respect, understanding and shared values. Unity doesn’t equal uniformity – it’s forged in conversation, community and a commitment to one another’s right to flourish and prosper.

If you’re part of a faith community, community organisation, business, social or sporting club you’re invited to host a National Unity Week event of your design. It could be an inter-faith discussion panel; a tour of your mosque, temple or church; a community meal or a cultural performance – anything that invites others to listen, learn, understand and build relationships between people of different faith and cultural background.

National Unity Week kicks off with Welcome to Australia’s “Walk Together” event taking place on Saturday 20 October in more than two dozen cities and regional centres across Australia and closes with National Mosque Open Day on Saturday 27 October as mosques all over Australia welcome tens of thousands of guests to learn more about Islamic beliefs and practices.

Register your event here or find out what’s happening in your local community here.

Our Story

The history of how we started National Unity Week

National Unity Week is an initiative of the Lebanese Muslim Association and Welcome to Australia. The origin of the event goes back to 2014, when the two organisations organised the inaugural National Day of Unity, combining both National Mosque Open Day and Walk Together.

The event took place again in 2015, gathering momentum and being launched at Parliament House in Canberra by the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten and the Greens leader Dr. Richard Di Natale.

After the second year of the even, the two organisations came together in 2016 and, with the two events now a week apart, it was decided that these would bookend a larger week-long celebration of Australia’s diversity.

Therefore, National Day of Unity became National Unity Week, with the two founding organisations now looking to open up the event to as many as partners and events celebrating Australia’s diversity as possible.


Photo gallery of our national launch in Canberra

Founding Partners

This project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services through the Strong and Resilient Communities Activities.

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