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Western Sydney Community Forum will be hosting an internal private event on the 1st November 2019 as part of National Unity Week. National Unity Week aims to promote the diversity of cultures that exist within Australia and within workplaces, communities and various regions. The event that Western Sydney Community Forum is hosting will only be made available to its workers. The event consists of walking by Parramatta River and viewing the various Aboriginal artworks and their stories. Once the team has finished viewing the artworks, the session will resume back in the office with a reflection of what each team member felt after they viewed and interpreted the artworks. This will lead into each team member sharing their own experience of culture and religion and how this has impacted on them and the work they do. To conclude the event, each team member is invited to bring food that represents their culture and holds importance. The team will share food with one another and experience one another’s version of culture. The main aim of this event is to understand the different interpretation of cultures that exist between individuals that work within the organisation and share their experience of their own culture.



Fri. 01 November 9:30 am -
Fri. 01 November 11:00 am


Parramatta River
Sydney, NSW, 2150


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Western Sydney community Forum at Parramatta River

Sydney, NSW, 2150

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